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2020 CUWiP Application Form

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(To select more than one conference, hold down your control or command key while selecting the second, third and so forth site that you have attended).

Preferred Conference Site

We strongly encourage students to apply to attend the site to which they will be geographically closest during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend in 2020. In some cases, students may be reassigned to attend either (a) the geographically closest site or (b) the next geographically closest site due to oversubscription at the closest site. Reassignments are made to maximize the total number of participants who can attend; we appreciate your patience with us as we try to accept as many applicants as possible.

If your first choice is not the geographically closest site, you must explain your choice in the comment box.

* Where will you be traveling from to attend the conference (city, state or province)?
* Preferred Conference Site: 
Explanation of choice, if first choice is not geographically closest site (~ 300 words): Your words: 0

Coverage of Conference Travel

* Have you asked your department Chair to cover your travel costs to the conference?
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In order to ensure that these conferences remain accessible to all students, we encourage you to ask your department for travel funding for transportation to the conference. (Food and accommodation will be provided.) If you are unsure about who to ask for funding, you might ask an academic advisor, faculty member you know, or other mentor for guidance. If your department is unable to provide full funding for transportation, travel support is available from the CUWiP sites. We expect that the only cost to you will be a $45 registration fee. In cases of need, a registration fee waiver form is available.

* Will your department be able to cover your travel costs?
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 Applicant Statement:

* Write a statement describing your educational background, your academic interests and goals, and your objectives in attending a Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics. (Recommended length: 100 to 200 words.) Your words: 0
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